Best Cheap Webhosting Providers. Which is the Cheapest One?

Are you looking for affordable hosting? Would you feel happy if I give you a Free domain (.com .net .info .org etc. all extensions) for one year? If all the answers to the questions above are “YES” then you have landed in the right place to get the highest discount from all the top domain and web hosting providers.

In this article, I will share some of the cheapest but the high-quality domain and web hosting offer. The most attractable offer is FREE domain (.com .net .info .org .me .us .fun .site .in and all other extensions) and $1/month hosting from one of the best domain hosting provider, GoDaddy.

They provide global data centers. That’s why load times are faster.
You can install WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and more with the one-click installer.
GoDaddy ensures Guaranteed 99.99% uptime.
Dedicated & instant customer care support 24 hours 7 days.

As a website owner, what you want in the next step is unimaginable nowadays after purchasing a domain. In the next, it can be easily said that you have to buy hosting.

Without taking hosting you have no way to create the database and make the files of it visible to everyone. As a webmaster, you would certainly go for a good quality hosting at a low price. Yes, you may demand that.

But to get good quality hosting at a cheaper price, you have to know first which providers are providing that service. Since you are not that much aware of hosting so it is quite tough for you to know. Well, there is nothing to be said about in this situation.

As the hosting reviewer, we will provide you step by step guidelines about how you can get hosting at cheaper price. At present, quite a few companies are offering cheaper price hosting maintaining quality.

Here are the detailed discussions with proper instructions for you to get the idea of buying cheaper hosting to build your own website.

Which Providers Offer Good Quality Hosting With Cheap Price

We are sure that you are eagerly waiting to know which providers offer good quality hosting at a cheap price. Well, we will put an end to your curiosity now.

Below are the companies which are providing good quality hosting at a low price for a long time with a great reputation. Now, have a look at the company names at a glance. At the due time, we will discuss the detail of each company.

• Bluehost
• iPage
• Namecheap
• Inmotion
• Godaddy
• Hostgator
• A2host

As A Webmaster What You Expect From Hosting Providers
As a webmaster, your expectation from hosting providers is a little bit more.

You demand to take fast loading, uninterrupted uptime, quick support, and cheap price hosting. Since you must take hosting costing some bucks, this demand is very normal for you. Now let us see how hosting providers will fulfill those of your demands.


As a provider of low price web hosting, Interserver is kind of securing its position at number 1. From the very beginning, it has been providing cheap price hosting with good quality. Interserver is very popular especially among those who need hosting with more space at a cheap price.

They offer you unlimited storage and unlimited transfer facility. You can send email as many as you want and create the email account from their server.

You will get the SSL certificate for free for securing your site. Now, look at their loads of facilities and all these you are getting with a minimal price from them. Their server is updated with the latest technology so that you will get 99.99 % uptime.

Their loading speed is beyond your imagination. And yes, do not forget that they are in one of the top positions in terms of customer services. As soon as you face any problem after purchasing their hosting you will get the instant solution from their support. Well, let think about all these super active support and facilities and you will find that the price is comparatively minimal.

How Much Cheap

You may be wondering after knowing about their above facilities that the price of this excellent featured hosting would be very high. But you will get surprised when you hear their price plans.

Yes, In exchange for only $ 5 a month, they are giving so many things together. But if you want, you can reduce the price further if you use their long-term package.

The 6-month package will be available for $ 28.50, 12-month package for $ 12, 24-month package for $ 102, and 36-month package for $ 144. Now you are witnessing yourself how much benefits they are providing at such the cheaper prices.


• Unlimited storage facility
• Transfer facility as much as you like
• Unlimited benefits for email also
• Free SSL certificates for the security of your site
• Up to 20 websites parking facilities
• Live chat facility
• Price lock guarantee


• There is nothing mentioned about bandwidth
• Domain parking is not unlimited
Click here to buy their hosting at cheap price from Interserver.


There is nothing new to say about Bluehost. In the hosting world, their success has reached the legendary stage. They can meet all your demands for hosting. Yes, you naturally want your favorite site to be loaded very quickly.

Bluehost will fulfill such your needs by loading the site in just 521 microseconds. Nobody likes it when the site is down. Bluehost knows that well so they are providing a 99.98% uptime service.

You can take any of the packages from 50 GB to unlimited as storage. If you need less storage then you can save money by taking small packages. Basically, hosting of Bluehost is quite popular among bloggers. Their hosting is quite friendly for the beginners.

Because they will offer a free domain if you take any hosting package. And yes, if there is any problem you are facing after buying hosting, then there is always the facility of instant live support.

Now you maybe a little bit astonished after knowing all these and thinking that the price must be out of your range. Please don’t worry, their price ranges are at your fingertips.

How Much Cheap

We can bet that you are feeling very happy with the benefits they are offering. And at the same time, you may be a little tensed as if the price would be much higher. No dear, you are getting your nerve high for nothing.
You will be able to buy their basic package at just $ 2.95 per month. And you can take a plus and prime package if you want a little more opportunities. Both of these packages are all unlimited.

And the price is not too high for you. Costing only $ 5.45 a month, you can buy any one of the above two packages. All the packages are very cheap no matter which package you buy as per your requirements.


• Bandwidth is unmetered. There is no limit
• Excluding the basic package, there is unlimited storage in the remaining two packages
• Unlimited email creating and sending facilities
• Very popular among bloggers
• 24/7/365 always support
• Free domain
• 99.9% uptime benefits


• To avail the above benefits, you have to buy a 36-month contract package
• The basic package does not have unlimited facilities
Click here to buy their hosting at a lower price also from Bluehost.


You are somewhat worried about your website. All you can think now is only the visitors’ satisfaction with your site. So you want your site to load very quickly so that your visitors will not feel annoyed.

You also want to get a full phase uptime facility for your visitors so they will not be dissatisfied with the site down. You also demand unlimited storage and bandwidth.

So if you want to get so many things together than your budget also needs to be a little high. But the situation of your budget is very low compared to that. So will not your demands be fulfilled for the sake of your budget deficit? No dear, though your budget is low, there is nothing to worry about it.

iPage is always for all of you with their all great packages. At the same time, it is quite tough to get cheap and quality products. But Ipage is doing that job day after day. They are loading your site within only 908 microseconds with 99.97% uptime.

And what more we can say about their great support. They provide instant solutions to your problem thinking it as their own problem. They are certainly eligible for receiving the star mark for maintaining cheap price and quality together.

How Much Cheap

You are feeling some extent of excitement thinking about how they are offering to host at the low price by maintaining the quality at the same time. Are you eagerly waiting to know how much the price is?

Don’t worry, you need not wait much; you can take their hosting package for only $ 1.99 a month. But for that you have to take a 1-year plan together.

Where others are offering at the price more than this and binding you with 3-year terms, here you are getting only 1-year terms with such a low price. You can enjoy the facility of unlimited storage, bandwidth, and email for $ 1.99 only.


• Unlimited storage and bandwidth
• Free domain
• Unlimited email facility
• A lot of free tools for digital marketing
• Almost thousands of templates for free
• Free site creating facility with the website builder


• To buy at such a cheap price, you have to take the 1-year plan. Otherwise, you have to count
• $ 7.99 a month
• Uptime and loading speed are comparatively a little low than others
Click here to buy their hosting at cheap price also from Ipage.


As a web developer, you are supposed to be familiar with Namecheap. Their brand-name, “Namecheap” indicates that they are also good at providing cheap products. The main reason for the popularity of Namecheap is for selling the hosting at a lower price while maintaining quality.

Their hosting package sales method is slightly different from others. Where others sell on monthly plans, they sell on annual plans.
The biggest advantage of their package is that you can customize the package as you need.

Suppose you have a small site that needs a little space. So, there is no point in taking hosting with unlimited facilities at a higher price for your site. The simplest solution to this is to purchase the value pack of the Namecheap.

And when you need a huge space then you will be able to choose their unlimited, business SSD package. This is the appropriateness of using the hosting of Namecheap. You can save your money by using the space as much as you need.

Namecheap has upgraded their server to SSD. So naturally, their loading speed is much higher. They are at one of the top levels considering the uptime, load quality, support, etc.

How Much Cheap

Their value package is available only at $ 9.88 per year. If you are not satisfied with that then you can look at the remaining packages. Don’t worry those packages are not out of your reach. Professional and business SSD packages are available in exchange for $ 19.88 a year.

And for the ultimate package, the cost will be $ 29.88 only. Now compare their prices with others. The cost of their most expensive packages is much less than that of others. The biggest thing is that they are not binding you with any conditions.


• Different package choice facility
• Unlimited bandwidth
• SSD hosting which is a lot faster
• 100% uptime guarantee in some cases
• 1-click software installation facility
• 100% safe


• There is no monthly plan
• No package offers everything unlimited. There is always a limitation in any of the sides
Click here to buy their hosting also at a lower price from Namecheap.


We are talking about Inmotion who has earned a lot of good names providing hosting at a cheap price. Although they offer a low price, they are not compromising with the main features of hosting.

Well, you may have some questions popping up in your mind, what more are they offering besides the low price, so that we have mentioned it separately. If you have this question in your mind, then you have to know about their services.

You will get the unlimited transfer facility for free. Because of the storage at SSD, you will normally get 20 times more speed in loading time. And yes, you are also getting unlimited bandwidth so that your site would not be down for the huge pressure of the visitors.

Oh yes, we have forgotten to say about the support. Whenever there is a problem with hosting, you will get an instant solution from their live chat. They will get you all the necessary software in their cPanel. And yes, you will get lots of very useful tools for digital marketing for free.

You have not even imagined that at such a cheap price someone can offer so many benefits. Then let us give you a little idea about the price.

How Much Cheap

After reading so many advantages above, your expectations reach a peak. Yes, they did not disappoint you even for the price. You will be able to take their unlimited package spending only $ 2.95 per month. Therefore, you will have to buy packages for 3 years.

You will get everything unlimited at only $ 2.95. You will get lots of online marketing tools for free as a bonus. Yes, very few companies can offer you an unlimited facility at such a cheap price.


• Unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email and so on
• Free domain
• A lot of digital marketing tools totally for free
• 99.9% uptime benefit
• SSD hosting so faster load speed
• Strong customer support


• This facility can be availed at only 3 years plan
• In terms of providing service, it cannot utilize their total capacity

Click here to buy their hosting at a lower price from Inmotion.
Need to make a Comparison table among different companies

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If you want you can take hosting directly from hosting providers. But you do not have any benefits for that. You have to take hosting at regular prices.

How would it be if you can take hosting at a cheaper price than the hosting providers’ rate? Are you wondering how it is possible?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question no.1

Is it really like that to get hosting at such a cheap price?
Answer: Yes, all that we have said is true. You can check the price at the company’s site.

Question no.2

Could I change the plan later?
Answer: You will have to take for a specific time period to take at the discounted price. Regular price will be applicable if you change the plan before the expiry date.

Question no.3

Which company’s hosting is the best?
Answer: Each of the companies is best at its specific places. You can choose anyone that best matches your needs.


Hopefully, we have been able to provide you the necessary guidelines for buying cheap hosting. We have also mentioned separately what types of facilities the hosting providers are offering at a lower price.

Besides, we have highlighted how much cheap the price is at different points. As a webmaster, you certainly want to buy hosting at the price as cheap as you can.

Considering your demands, we have reviewed the hosting providers that offer most of the cheap price hosting. Before buying the hosting, you should see the load time, uptime, support, storage, the price of the hosting.

We have highlighted all those points in the cheap hosting review discussion. Yes, it is your wise decision to get cheap hosting for a new website. It is really surprising if you get high quality hosting at a cheap price.

Though many think it somewhat incredible but it is true that all the above companies can meet both your demands for the cheap price and quality hosting at the same time. Since you are in need of taking hosting, it will be your wise decision to buy from them.


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