Which Web Hosting is Best? Namecheap or GoDaddy!!

GoDaddy has gained recognition from advertising. But, as a web hosting platform, its ranking is going down for the last few years. It is not because other renowned web hosting sites are taking the lead, rather the features of GoDaddy is not attuned with the price.

A quick comparison between Namecheap and GoDaddy will show reasons in this regard.



As the name suggests, it is the cheapest shared hosting service providers among all. Their aim is to make Namecheap’s services affordable to everyone. Moreover, its pricing and renewal policy is transparent. It has got a 14-days money-back guarantee. 

The new sets of offers include three plans. The introductory prices of these plans are as low as $9.88/yr. The renewal cost is also affordable. Despite the low price, its service remains standard.

Stellar renews at $30.88 per year. It has been limited to 3 websites, only 20 GB in disk space. You will get 50 databases and 30 email accounts. This plan has only a few services compared to other plans.

Stellar Plus renews at $52.88/yr. It comes with unlimited domains. Unimaginable unmetered disk space, databases, and email accounts are available.

Stellar Business package renews at $98.88/yr. This package adds personal name servers, priority support and guaranteed 50GB in disk space.


You need to be careful in this part because these days web hosting platforms promise a free sign up or low price when you start, but later the sum of money they demand keeps increasing.  

Unfortunately, this is true for GoDaddy. GoDaddy charges high rates for renewals. There can be hidden and checkout charges too.

The basic Economy Plan is worth $2.99 and the renewal fee is $7.99. By using this plan a client will only get 10 GB storage, unmetered bandwidth, free email, and domain name only for a year. 

The next package is Deluxe which comes with all the features of Economy Plan and added unlimited storage and subdomains. There is a huge difference in price. 

The plan starts at $4.99 and can be renewed at $10.99/ month. The Ultimate Plan has more features like an SSL certificate, premium DNS and unlimited databases that will cost $ 5.99 and can be renewed at $16.99. 

GoDaddy’s highest tier is offered at $ 12.99 and can be renewed at $ 29.99. With every plan, the renewal price moves upward. On the contrary, you do not get any better performance for paying the high price.

Uptime and Speed


After considering its price, many web developers look at the uptime and speed of web hosting sites. The uptime of Namecheap is 99.9%. It is their promise to guarantee this rate of uptime. However, at times you will find this promise not being fulfilled. The speed also fluctuates from time to time. Its speed is not up to the mark.


GoDaddy offers 99.97 % uptime. There is no bandwidth limit. Besides, GoDaddy has committed to offer greater speed. Its usual speed is 517 ms, which is good. 

The Domain interface or DNS Manager


The domain interface is used for the configuration of your domain name. For this, an easy interface is required. In the domain manager page, you will have options like routing your DNS to your hosting company, setting up your email, setting up any subdomains, etc. 

Namecheap has all these options laid out on the sidebar of their web page. It is perfectly organized and easy to navigate. Moreover, Namecheap gives free custom nameservers.


Some of the unnecessary features in GoDaddy make the whole process complicated. All the options of upselling email/hosting will distract you. Furthermore, GoDaddy does not have custom DNS.



Namecheap presents you with standard cPanel with most plans (except dedicated hosting plans). Additionally, some of the plans have WHMCS facilities too.


It also offers cPanel to monitor and control websites that are user friendly.

Shared Hosting Services


Despite being a domain registrar – turned – web host, Namecheap has a lot when it comes to hosting types. It shows how inexpensive shared hosting can be, although that also comes with the infrequent issue with speed or uptime.

You can also check their ‘Managed WordPress plans’. Managed WordPress plans use cloud hosting. Cloud hosting can call upon a network of underlying servers for additional resources. The ‘managed’ part refers to Namecheap keeping your version of WordPress. Though you will still design your website and fill it with content. Namecheap will do the backups and WordPress updates for free. If you are looking for more power VPS plans is for you.


In contrast, GoDaddy cannot serve you with such a limited range of hosting plans. For instance, GoDaddy does not provide you with any sort of Cloud Hosting and Managed Cloud Hosting. It comes with photo storage space.



Namecheap offers an upsell for a One-pager website. If you are building an eCommerce site you will find an upsell for a discounted SSL package.


Naturally, to promote the business, every web hosting company offers wide range of upsells. GoDaddy has similar upsells. Unfortunately, GoDaddy does not offer any of these features in their lower rate plans, which leads to a lot of the upsells along the way from time to time. 



As a Namecheap customer, your personal info will be protected by WhoisGuard privacy protection. This privilege of protection is free. This is not only applicable for the trial period but also as long as you are using Namecheap. Moreover, regular backups are performed.


In GoDaddy, you can become a member but no password protection is available for different pages. The top hosts in the market usually have features like an SSL certificate on every plan.  On the contrary, GoDaddy these security features will cost you another $2.99 per month and $5.59 per month respectively.

Migration Policy


Namecheap offers site migration for free. If you have an existing cPanel website elsewhere and make a decision to shift to Namecheap, the steps are simple and require very little involvement on your behalf.


GoDaddy does not offer any free site migrations. And if you want them to do it for you, the rate is $99.99/site and might take at least 7-10 days. Thus it is slow and expensive as well. 

Customer Support


Namecheap seems offers only two types of customer services namely Live Chat and Tickets. In addition, the provider also has its own Knowledge Base where they provide answers to the frequently asked questions. It is reasonably extensive. Some of the clients, however, have complained about the customer service staff in their reviews. They were disappointed.


The same kind of complaints is found with GoDaddy too. They are available at live chat and phone. The customer service of GoDaddy is not up to the mark.

Final Words

Namecheap is an ICANN accredited register that delivers not only domain registration but all kinds of hosting platforms one can imagine under one banner.

GoDaddy has earned its position in the market because of the role it played as a web builder. It is true that Namecheap provides all the necessary tools to get started as a web developer.


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