Best Virtual Reality Headsets Review

In this article, we are going to help you to figure out the best virtual reality headsets that will be right for you. Please continue your reading to learn more.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is one of the fascinating ways to travel through the power of technology. The short version of virtual reality is VR. Basically, VR lets you look around a virtual space that you can feel that you are actually there. 

Actually it’s a promising technology that is not caught on and change constantly with the current wave of VR products.

VR simply discover the virtual games, spaces and much more just through the help of your smartphone and a headset.

What are the best virtual reality headsets?

It is a head-mounted device that actually provides virtual reality to its wearer. It is widely used for video games and also used in other applications such as trainers and simulators.

Virtual reality headsets are available for gaming phones, PCs and consoles. You can find both expensive and cheap VR in the market. So don’t worry about the budget. First of all check out the list that given below, chose one for you and then find its cost.

  1. Samsung Gear VR
  2. Google daydream view
  3. Google daydream view 2
  4. Oculus rift
  5. Oculus quest
  6. Oculus go
  7. Google cardboard
  8. VeeR fabric VR
  9. Merge
  10. VeeR OASIS VR
  11. VR shinecon
  12. Zeiss VR one
  13. Sytros premium VR
  14. Bnext VR
  15. Vuzix iWear
  16. HTC vive
  17. Immersion-VRelia GO
  18. Woxter neo VR100
  19. Genbasic Quad HD
  20. Xiaomi Mi VR
  21. Pico Goblin
  22. Pico Neo
  23. Galax Vision
  24. Huawei VR2
  25. Acer AH101
  26. Razer OSVR HDK 1
  27. HP VR1000-100
  28. Dell Visor
  29. Lenovo Explorer
  30. Helmet Vision Fly
  31. Pico G2 4K
  32. Deepoon VR E3-B
  33. Shadow VR
  34. Mirage solo
  35. Snapdragon VR820
  36. Deepoon VR P1
  37. Razer OSVR HDK 2
  38. Acer OJO 500
  39. ASUS HC102
  40. ANTVR cyclops

Resolution and Display Quality of VR

Basically, VR has a different visual quality that depends on the 2 things

1.  How each one views the quality of the image and

2.  How each one experiences their virtual world.

Actually, you will be able to watch a clear image due to the following fact

–      Display resolution

–      Refresh rate

–      Optic quality

–      And the field of view.

Final Word

In summary, we like to recommend to you these following things

  • If you have a smartphone-powered device you should use Google Daydream View1/2 and Samsung Gear VR.
  • And if you are looking VR for a game console you can try PlayStation VR, because it has some serious library of the game to explore.

Hopefully, this article helps you a lot to find out the best virtual reality headsets. If you have further queries for VR and also have some suggestions to share with us please let us know in the comment section below.


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