GoDaddy Website Builder Review: Get a Drag and Drop Website Builder

Introduction to Godaddy Web Hosting

The main part of a website is the domain and hosting. Without these two, it’s not possible to make the website visible to all. It requires a good quality hosting so that the visitors can browse the site faster. And for the hosting Godaddy is legendary.

From its very beginning, Godaddy has been offering the best quality hosting service to its customers. Their hosting is very fast and it always remains uptime.

A lot of renowned organizations in the world have been using the hosting of Godaddy. Their packages are also very useful for small entrepreneurs. Everyone prefers their hosting because of their fast loading, instant support, more storage, and cheap price.

They are always alert to ensure user satisfaction. If you use their hosting you do not have to worry about your site anymore. You can choose Godaddy, as the best web hosting company without any tension if you need high quality, reasonable and more features enriched hosting for your website.

Who and Why Needs of Web Hosting?

This hosting is specially designed for those who usually sell different retail and wholesale products online. Because of the advancement of technology, shopping has become quite online based. The online store system is basically selling the products through the internet.

Nowadays people can purchase everything sitting their home for the blessing of the internet. For this, a lot of online retail and wholesale entrepreneurs are entering into business. A website is a must for those who want to sell retail and wholesale products through an online store.

And to make your website visitor friendly, you need good quality hosting. Specifically, product display, inventory, payment gateway, shipping system, etc. need to be made good. You will get all those features from their hosting.

Make Your Website Without a Web Developer

To create a website, you have to go to the developer. Good quality web developers have a high rate. But what are you worrying when there is Godaddy?

They are offering website builder benefits. You can create your own website with their website builder. For that, you do not require any coding capability. You can make the job done with a few simple clicks. They have 4 packages available for the website builders.

Packages are personal, business, business plus, and online store. You can conveniently select any one of the packages and register using email, password and website URL. Then you will get a ready-made website.

Easy To Create An Online Store

Those who sell products online choose the website as the medium of displaying products. The online business website is like an offline business store.

So the style of the product presentations on the website should be well arranged and everything should be customer friendly. This is because the buyer will order all from your website. Using the hosting of Godaddy, you can easily create an online store.

You can put 10 photos of each product which is photos of up to 1500 products in their hosting package. You can add payment gateways so that customers can easily pay and you will also get inventory to keep the accounting tasks.

.Com Domain at ONLY $ 0.99$

At first, you have to take a domain to make an online store. Typically, the top-level domain costs 10$. But you do not have to buy a domain at such a high price. GoDaddy is offering you the .com, .net, .org Top Level Domain at only 0.99$ as the well-wisher of your online store. If you want to get this benefit from us you need a coupon code.

Pricing and Plan

Before you buy the package we would like to give a little idea about the price. Godaddy offers three packages named economy, deluxe and ultimate. In the economy package, you will have to cost 2.99$ monthly to get 100 GB storage and unlimited bandwidth facilities.

Deluxe package includes unlimited domains, bandwidth, and storage. For that, you have to pay 4.99$/month.  You will get the ultimate package with unlimited domain, storage, bandwidth and 1 year SSL certificate for only 7.99$/month.

The above-mentioned price is applicable only for the first time purchase. If you want to renew, you need to cost 7.99$ per month for the economy package, 10.99$ for the deluxe package and 16.99$ for the ultimate package.


  • Fast loading hosting
  • Uptime at 99.99 percent
  • Secured hosting
  • No server down
  • Easy to build a website
  • Autoresponder email facility
  • Free trial facility
  • Monthly payment system


  • Many people think the price is somewhat expensive
  • Only 1 domain parking facility in the economy package

1-Month Free Trial for Online Store and Website Builder

You will get a 1-month free trial facility for the test purpose to create an online store. Godaddy will give you the benefit of the website builder and web hosting.

You can see everything thoroughly this month whether it is providing the expected service or not. All features will be available for you in this 1-month free trial. We hope that after using the 1-month free trial, you will be attracted to their services.

Today I will show you a fantastic way to get a FREE website for one month. Godaddy has revealed this opportunity to test their service. It’s a 1-month free trial, and NO credit card is required. This means you don’t need any credit card just you need an email address. Sounds good, doesn’t it? I know you are very excited to have a free website with the top branded hosting company Godaddy.

How to Get a One Month Trial Website with Godaddy

Step 1: Go to the Godaddy website by clicking the banner below.

You will be redirected to the official website of Godaddy. Godaddy is offering a one-month free trial to their customer. Like Godaddy, you will discover that almost every company has some promotional offer to welcome their first-time customers. That really makes a positive sense about the company because customers have a chance to test them out. If you feel their service is good, you can continue with them. Otherwise, you may leave and look for another best web host provider. Similarly, some web host company has a refund policy. It may be 15, 30 or 60 days money-back guarantee. This policy also boosts trust and reliability in the company. In our review article, we must try to find out some best web hosting company who is trustworthy and reliable and cost-effective and we must avoid spammers.

Step 2: Click on Start For Free Button. Select any plan which you like best. All are FREE for the first month.

Step 3: Create an Account with valid info. Sign up the GoDaddy account with your best email address. They are a great company with lots of promotional offers. Thus providing them your best email, you have a chance to get the best deal from this best web hosting provider. 

Now your turn is to select a smart business idea. Tell them about your business. If you are not sure which name should your business have you can generate a handsome business idea from Shopify.

Step-4: What does your business do? Choose any idea which you like best. At this step, they would like to know the goal of your business. After setting the goal, they will provide you some best templates which are the best suit for your business.

Step-5: Congrats! You’ve got a ready-made website. You can change the theme or design of your website. You can add a new web page. For example: Create an ‘About’ page, write about yourself, add your photo and many more! You can change the full website as GoDaddy provides the best website builder tool than any other company out there.

Step 6: Click on the Publish button. You are going to publish your website online at this step. 

Step 7: Click on View Site Button. Now you will get your newly created dreamy website 🙂

Feel free to share your website name with your friends and family. Oh! Don’t forget to recommend your friends to visit this help/tutorial post and they will also follow this guideline to create their new website.

You can view your website now. You will notice that an auto-generated website name has. The system generates the name according to your business name. You can change your business website name at any time by clicking on the change domain option. After a month of the free trial, you have to renew your website to keep it alive. Otherwise, both the site and your hard work with it will be down.

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  • Could I host any type of website besides online shops by this hosting can?

Answer: Yes, you can develop any website using this hosting.

  • Their payment system is monthly, could I make yearly payment?

Answer: yes. You can pay yearly as well.

  • Could I migrate from one package to another package?

Answer: Of course you can. You can choose any package you like.

  • Do I need to take the different SSL certificate from them?

Answer: You will get an SSL facility for free in the ultimate package. You need to buy the remaining two packages separately.

Conclusion, The Final Words

There is no doubt that Godaddy provides world-class hosting services. Their hosting is enriched with lots of features. Though the quality is of the premium level, the price is in everyone’s range.

Godaddy is a very suitable hosting service provider especially for those who have an online business. If the loading of the site is slow, the visitors become annoyed and go out of the site. The website loading time is slow due to bad hosting. For a visitor, going out of the site with annoyance means losing a potential buyer.

So use good quality web hosting like Godaddy to make your website fast loading and user and mobile-friendly. This will increase your success rate.


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