The Best Email Marketing Software-GetResponse Review: Get 30 Days Free Trial

Email marketing is becoming quite popular nowadays. This is because the rate of success for email marketing is higher than the cost. That is why people are heading towards digital marketing to achieve greater success at present.

On the one hand, email marketing will grow your sales and on the other hand, it will make your business dynamic as well. You usually require thousands of emails to be sent, so marketing becomes a kind of impossible job if you follow the manual system.

Usually, for a single person, it is only possible to send utmost a few hundred emails in a day. But when millions of emails are required to be sent, there this amount is very small compared to those hundreds.

So, those persons who are involved in this marketing process do the job through the software. It is possible to send huge emails in a short period of time using automation. Among the few software through which emails can be sent, Getresponse is remaining in one of the leading positions.

You can complete your full email marketing using Getresponse. You would be blessed with all the tools to send emails which can be called all in one complete package.

Getresponse will increase your sales on one hand and save valuable time on the other hand. You may have got a desire to know more about this amazing software. We are now going to the original review to satisfy your curiosity.

What Is Getresponse?

Getresponse, in a simple word, is automated software for email marketing. In which, there are all the necessary materials for marketing.

You can do many types of tasks including sending an email, designing email templates, designing landing pages, monitoring campaigns, sending newsletters and many more using Getresponse.

Email Sending is very fast from Getresponse servers, and it is able to deliver 99% of emails to inboxes. You would not see this type of excellent software that much in marketing automation.

Due to the great performance, Getresponse is the first choice among most of the digital marketers as marketing tools. Try GetResponse free for 30 days – no credit card required

How Getresponse Helps To Increase Your Sales?

To know how Gatorospace would help you increase your sales, you must first understand the whole process of email marketing. Just sending emails to the inbox of the users is not enough. You need to do something more for that which are the processes of email marketing.

So could you remember that process a little bit here?

Let us remind you again of the whole process for your better understanding. The usual tasks that are needed in email marketing are the following.

Now we are going to show you how Getresponse helps to accomplish all the above tasks. They have added all the features so that you can do everything easily. Now let us start discussing the Getresponse support system.

Getresponse Helps You Creating Forms

There are several built-in form builders on their list to create forms. You can choose any form of the builder as per your own choice. Then you can customize it and make it an eye-catching form easily. After you create this form, you can add it to your website.

Then it is going to be easy for you to collect all the necessary data from the visitors. Getresponse will help you to create the form from the beginning to the ending like a perfect teacher.

There are all the instructions available at their instruction part about where to do what. You simply require following the instruction and giving the data input.

Create Your Newsletter Template Using Getresponse

We always are in need of sending the newsletter to the subscribers. If you want to send a newsletter then you have to design the template. It is not a big factor for you in case you do not know how to design.

Getresponse will help you fully for that. You would love to hear that they offer about 700+ ready-made newsletter templates for you. Their templates are simple but very much appealing.  The biggest thing is that you can customize those templates easily.

You have the freedom to change the font, layout, image, etc. if you want and can put everything as you like. Another big thing is that you can also add your own designed HTML templates to those.


The landing page is very important for the purpose of email marketing. If you show any negligence here, you have to pay for that. This landing page is mainly the page where the visitors will land from the email link.

A landing page should be simple but so much impressive. Well, suppose you went somewhere to visit and found that the place was dirty and unclean. So would you like to spend time there?

No, there is no point in spending time at such a place. The same thing also applies to the landing page. You cannot attract the visitors if the designing of the landing page is not pleasant. Though they come once, they will go back immediately.

You have to present your products and give product promotional offers on the landing page. From here, you would like to collect sales or visitor’s leads. So this page has to be designed carefully.

Make sure that you have all the necessary information nicely presented. You may be thinking that you know nothing about the design so what would be the way? The way is very easy and it is landing page creator of Getresponse.

Using this feature of Getresponse, you can create the landing page according to your own desire. For that, they have the arrangements of huge types of designs for you beforehand.

After that, your task is to customize it as you like. A very good looking landing page is very easy to design with Getresponse within a few minutes.

Email Listing Facility By GetResponse

Well, have not you save a number of different people in your mobile contact book? Once you save the number then you do not have to type the phone number later.

The fact of email listing is very similar to that. The email address you provide to the Getresponse server will be saved for further tasks. So you do not have to copy and paste the emails on the server over and again. You can see the entire contact list with just one click.

If you would like to find a specific email ID you can search it in the search bar and find it out. Getresponse provides you nonstop services for preserving email IDs, listing contacts and many more.

GetResponse Offers Auto-Responder

Another great feature of Getresponse is the autoresponder. With this autoresponder, you can schedule and send emails. That means you can set when and how many you will have to send the email.

Getresponse will send emails according to your given schedule. If there is a new subscriber, you can send a welcoming email to him or her automatically using this feature. The auto-email will be sent to the user just after a new subscription.

Apart from this, suppose someone sent an email inquiry to you about your product. Then you can respond with instant reply using autoresponder if you want.

Another Best Email Marketing Tool, Campaigner

Autoresponder is very important in email marketing because many people do not have that much time it requires. It is not possible for them to send mail spending a long time.

However, you can easily send auto emails using this feature while you do not need to log in to your mail ID. On the other perspective, an autoresponder is also very effective for delivering buyers’ support so that the buyers would not feel disturbed in case of support issues.

Getresponse has organized this feature very nicely. Their autoresponder is capable of doing everything at a very accurate time.

Other benefits

We have only talked about Getresponse’s great contribution to complete the email marketing process. But their responsibilities do not end there. They help you in more ways to grow your sales. Then let us know their other helpful things too.

Mobile-Friendly Email Design

People now prefer to spend more time on mobile than laptops or desktops. Because mobile is very small and easily transportable. Besides, now we can do all the tasks of the computer by mobile.

Where can everything be done with a small mobile, who likes to move around in a huge computer? Most of you nowadays check your emails on the mobile device.

Getresponse has really anticipated this truth. So they have made a mobile-friendly email version as well as the desktop version.  Because of this, mobile users have no problem with checking emails.

Excellent Analytic Report

Well, let us say that you are conducting an email campaign. So you would like to know the result of that. Getresponse also arranged that for you. You could know the full campaign results with their analytic tool.

The full summary of some data will be available for you such as how many users have opened the emails that you sent, how many of them have come to the sales page clicking on the landing page after opening the email, where they go then from the landing page, did they go to the email inbox or other boxes, have they purchased any product, how much emails have been sent etc. Getresponse strictly monitors these facts.

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99% Successful Delivery

You may have a question in your mind that you are using their email server with a higher fee, but will all the emails be delivered? This question is inconsequential for Getresponse. Because the delivery success rate of Getresponse is 99%. All the IDs on the list will get mails obviously.

No Spam

Well, we would like to ask you a question. When was the last time you have checked your email spam folder?

You probably do not remember that yourself. So, now tell me if the emails that you sent reach the spam folder of the users, then what is your benefit there where you have already spent so much money?

Many people would even never know that you have sent an email to them. That is why email delivery should be directly in the inbox so that users can get your email when they log in. There is no fear of reaching your email to the spam folder using Getresponse. Their server is able to send emails directly to the inbox.


Recently they have also added the webinar facility. This is an excellent opportunity for those who work with the webinar. You are also getting the service of the webinar by email marketing tools. Getresponse has been provided with all the facilities needed for the successful webinar.

Built-in CRM

CRM is one of the new features they added recently. Using CRM, you can keep your sales pipeline strong. Besides, you can export or import data, contact and track visitors. But this feature is absolutely in the basic stage.


Support for a product is very important. Using the product without support is something like sleeping in the winter without a blanket. In terms of support, they are not willing to give a chance to complain anyhow.

For the 24/7 live support, there is the solution to any problem immediately. Besides, you will get a solution within a few hours by submitting a ticket to the helpline.


So far we have discussed a lot about its different advantages. Now let us give you a little idea about the price of Getresponse. Their pricing method is slightly different. The price depends on the facilities. So here is their price chart.

  • Subscribers range up to 1,000: $15
  • Subscribers range from 1,001 to 2,500: $25
  • Subscribers range from 2,501 to 5,000: $45
  • Subscribers range from 5,001 to 10,000: $65
  • Subscribers range from 10,001 to 25,000: $145
  • Subscribers range from 25,001 to 50,000: $250
  • Subscribers range from 50,001 to 100,000: $450


  • Very cheaper than other automation software.
  • Webinar and CRM facilities
  • Very quick support
  • All tools available for email marketing
  • Automatically adds the subscribes to the mail list
  • 30-days free trial


  • The landing page does not allow A / B test segment
  • Phone call support is not available


You may check this excellent Getresponse email marketing tool whether it really works perfectly or not. If you sign up using our referral link, you could enjoy a 30-days free trial.

Therefore, you would be able to check everything clearly. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now for claiming your 30 days free trial.

Final Words

Hopefully, you have got clear ideas about Getresponse because we have not left anything about it. We have presented detailed information about each feature and activity. We have shown you how it helps to create an email campaign from the starting to end.

It can be said that Getresponse is a complete tool for your email marketing. Successful implementation of this software in email marketing will bring you obvious results.


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