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What is eFax?

In this review article, I’m going to introduce you to the best online fax service provider eFax reviews. There was a time when all messages were exchanged through fax.

At that time, there was neither the mobile phone nor the email service. People of that time choose fax to communicate quickly. The golden age of fax is now no longer like before. Email and mobile phones have occupied that place.

But still, the demands of the fax have not reduced that much to the businessmen. Rather, so many commercial faxes are being exchanged every day around the world. There is no alternative to fax for sending business documents.

Like the email, the fax does not have file attachment limitations. At the earlier time, the fax machine was used to fax. But with the pace of technology, the technique of sending fax has changed.

What do you feel if fax can be sent through the internet without the fax machine? You may be thinking how is it possible to fax without the machine? Yes, eFax has made it possible. You could exchange faxes using eFax without any machine.

It may still be a dubious thing for you. Now let us introduce you to eFax. We would like to show you step by step how you are going to be benefited using eFax. So let us start this eFax free trial review.

How Does eFax Works?

To understand the eFax, you have to have an idea about the email. Hopefully, you have enough knowledge about email. Sending fax files to the email inbox or mobile application as an attachment is eFax.

However, the receiver does not have to email in this process. Instead, faxes can be sent through normal fax numbers. You can also receive the fax at the same time in eFax.

In simple words, eFax is the process of sending fax messages without a machine using the internet. There are lots of companies offering eFax facility. eFax is one of the best companies among them in terms of providing advantages.

What Is The Difference Between Fax and Email?

Fax and email are two modes of communication. Both of the two is necessary. But email and fax are two separate media. Email is basically used to transfer normal files.

On the other hand, the fax is used for exchanging business documents. There is a number option to fax. But in the email, the user ID is domain extension. Hopefully, you understand the difference between email and fax.

Why Fax, When You Have The Email Option?

It is a big question of why fax is used even when there is an email option. To get the answers, have a look at the difference between the email and the fax in the previous paragraph. Then you would get the idea of why people use fax even when there is a sophisticated communication medium like email.

Actually, there is something in the fax that lacks in the email. Suppose you need to send a huge file. I will let you know details about how to eFax step by step. Then you cannot send that using email because it has 25 MB sending limitations.

So you obviously have to use a fax. Moreover, the fax is a great way for digital signatures in which the facility is not available in the email. That is why the fax is so popular in Global Business. Businessmen like to deal using fax because it can meet all their demands.

How to Send And Receive Fax Using eFax?

You may have questions in your mind that you are now aware of what eFax is, but it is not clear to you how to fax. Well, do not be so impatient. We are going to review the best free online fax service. we are not going to left anything to discuss.

It is very easy to send/receive faxes through eFax. You do not need to have a fax machine or go to a fax sender shop for that. You can do everything sitting at your home. It is possible to send and receive fax through 3 ways. Now let us make you clear about those.

Option 1 – As an Email Attachment:

There are many ways to send an email. You can also send emails automatically by email marketing software. You will be able to know how to send eFax by email. You can scan the fax file and send it as the email attachment. Similarly, you can also receive that in your email inbox.

Option 2 – Online Server:

By this method, you can send necessary fax logging on the eFax website. You can also check the fax coming to you from their server.

Option 3 – Mobile Application:

They have come with a mobile application to make it easy for everyone. They have apps for both iOS and Android platforms. With this application, if you want you can take photos with your mobile and send it as an attachment without scanning your document.

At the same time, you can fax any previous documents from mobile apps. You can also check any fax you got on your mobile.

How To Get Benefits Using the best online fax service provider eFax Reviews?

After reading so far, you may think that you have understood all but what are your benefits? If you do not really have any benefits then why you would use it. Please, do not be disappointed right now.

It is all your gain if you use eFax. There are lots of benefits to you. We are going to show you in different points how you would be so much benefited using eFax. So, let us have a look at all the great advantages which eFax is offering you.

No Need Of A Machine

In the next few lines, you will learn how to send an efax. It usually requires a machine sending a fax. But eFax uses the internet connection instead of an analog machine in sending faxes.

There is no machine needed to send the fax through the eFax system. So you do not need any fax machines anymore.

It saves your money that you would spend on buying a fax machine and maintenance cost if you would have any. Just simply you can send faxes using the Internet as like as sending an email.

Time Saver

Efax saves your time at the same time. Let us explain clearly how it saves your time. Many go to any fax service store to fax. It costs a lot of time to go and return. In addition, to make sure whether the fax has been sent, we need to call them for confirmation.

It all costs a huge time. But you can fax yourself from your office or home using the best online fax service provider eFax Reviews. It lets you save your precious time.

They Would Like To Make Your Office Paperless

Efax is such a service that makes your office paperless. All the documents will be in digital mode. You can enjoy doing everything like the signing, sending and receiving documents virtually.

Then there will be no work in the paper. There will be no burden of keeping the document. Likewise, you can find out old files easily. Because eFax also has the storage facility of old files.

You Would Get The Online Signature Feature

Efax provides you the arrangement of e-signature. By using this facility you can easily put your sign in online. Attaching the file you can edit. They have added all the facilities for that. You get the advantages of editing or signing wherever you need.

Due to the online signing facility, you will not have to go far to make any business deal. Rather, you would be able to make a business agreement sitting your own office with someone staying at a distant place.

Unlimited Fax File Storage Facility

Using eFax, you could not only send or receive faxes rather you could also store all the old fax files. Efax also gets you that advantage. You have opportunities for effortlessly storing files on their cloud system. There is no fear of losing old files.

You can access all of your files by logging in whenever you need it. You could download it on your mobile or computer if you want. They will give you unlimited storage facilities so that you could upload as many files as you wish.

Toll-Free Fax Number

Free eFax 30 Day Trial

Of course, the more you are reading the advantages of eFax, the more you are getting impressed. The surprises for you have not yet come to the end. Efax gives you a toll-free fax number.

You will find loads of advantages to this. You could easily present your business as a trusted brand. The maximum company will charge you for the fax number. But you can have a Toll-Free fax number for free from this best online fax service provider, eFax.

Online Learning System

They have so many advantages to offer that you cannot even finish counting. They have arranged an online learning system to monitor whether you can use their services properly or not.

You could find lots of articles about how to use eFax beautifully in their online learning system. Apart from this, they have set up the FAQ so beautifully that you need not ask any more questions. You would get your answer to their predicted questions.

Pricing and Plan

You have a lot of curiosity about the pricing plan of those who have been offering huge opportunities regarding fax. Let us satisfy your curiosity right away.

Though they are giving you lots of advantages, they do not charge so high. They offer 2 packages for your convenient use. You can choose any one of the two as per your own options preference.

Efax plus plan

If you want to enjoy this package, you need to cost $16.95 a month. The benefits of this package is150 pages fax sending. You can receive the same number of pages at the same time.

For every additional page over 150 pages, the cost is 10 cents. The setup fee is $10 initially. However, if you take the annual membership, you can use it for free for 2 months.

Efax Pro

They appraised the price of this package for $19.95. The package offers 200 pages of fax receiving and sending facility. After the limit of 200 pages, the charge is 10 cents for every page.

If you take an annual membership, there is also a free membership of 2 months in this package. And the setup fee at the beginning is $19.95.

Start Sending The Fax For Free

There are many fax service providers. But I’m writing this review about the best online fax service provider eFax reviews you have never used.

You just have got the feeling after knowing their pricing that they are Premium Company. Moreover, you may treat us like the mad as we have mentioned you can run it for free.

No matter what you think of us but it is constant true in reality. You can send a fax totally for free via eFax. Then how is the process? 

The fact is very easy. We have arranged the 30 days free trial for you. As a partner of eFax, they have provided us that advantage. If you feel pleased to send the fax for free for 30 days, click here to sign up. Then you can enjoy the 30 days free trial facility. This lets you test everything.

They will give you such a great service for 1 month that you would like to grab the premium version. And whoever likes to get the premium version directly, please sign up by clicking on this link. There is no chance of being cheated if you directly buy a premium version without testing. Because they are promised to maintain their service and quality.

Advantages of eFax

  • Easy to use. Could be used for mobile also
  • Online signature feature due to the digital signature system
  • Unlimited online storage
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 30 days of the free trial facility
  • 2 months of free membership in annual subscription
  • Editing options for uploaded documents
  • There is no hidden charge
  • Separate solutions for corporate organizations
  • Cancellation facility at any time

Disadvantages of eFax

  • Monthly fees are comparatively higher than others
  • Their page plans are not combined
  • OCR search sometimes does not work expectedly

Hopefully, we have been able to provide you enough information about eFax. We have talked about all the necessary details of eFax in separate points. All the details and advantages of eFax, how you get benefits etc. have been discussed in the write-up.

Now, it is maybe clear to those who were in confusion for so long about eFax. We should be updated with the pace of technology. Now there is no logic to send the fax with a fax machine as the advantages of eFax has come out.

This system has replaced the fax machine. You can grab the opportunity to test this great service for free if you wish. They would be pleased to offer you that facility too. But we would like to recommend you to buy any of their premium packages.

Surely, it is going to save your precious time and keep you free from the tension of safeguarding your files as well. So, enjoy your life using eFax from today.



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